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Maria's Life Story

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Maria's Life Story

Post by Maria Styles ♥ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:02 am

This is kida how I want my life to be like, I saw Tabby's post, and I was like OKAYY I'LL MAKE ONE!

When I'm 18, I plan on attending NYU for modeling school, cause I read they actually had a really nice department for that. I usually dont tell people that I wanna be a model cause they usually expect that I'm some kinda airhead or something. That's not the case. I plan on just living life to the fullest at this point!

When I graduate from NYU I'm gonna get a rooftop apartment and begin my career as a model. I plan on starting off for Teen Vogue or Cosmo or something, Just a popular fashion magazine, Your probably thinking, She's never gonna do anything of this, and maybe I won't! But you would never now right now. I plan on getting some kinda cute guy to fall in love with as well! XD Well,Love is gonna come along sometime in my life!(HOPEFULLY♥)

I'll retire from my modeling job and settle down in life. I wanna have two kids, both girls. I want the oldest to be named Penolpe and the younger one to be named Elizabeth. My husband and I will get a big house in California, somewhere warm but still has excellent skiing places. I'll become the head editor of 17 Magazine or Girls Life magazine or some nice teen magazine, and hopefully just do that until I get oldish!

Hope you guys liked this!
Maria Styles ♥
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Re: Maria's Life Story

Post by Cαrℓy♥ʜᴘ ϟ on Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:42 pm

Ahaha nicee...goodluck with all of that! c:


Thank you for my amazing siggie, Cammy!<3 c:

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Re: Maria's Life Story

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:45 pm

lool. my dad graduated from NYU. welcome to new york city Very Happy


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Re: Maria's Life Story

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