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To: The listeners of BP FROM NICOLETTE the awesome.

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To: The listeners of BP FROM NICOLETTE the awesome.

Post by Nicolette:) on Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:49 am

Okay okay. So, drama...u know my NUMBER ONE PET PEVE? Yeah, so.....certain thigs will set me off, right? I think weve all learned that.......coughcough. So, not trying to stir drama or anything but, i feel sometimes...when u guys say something and i ask who or what it is..i feel guys think that i should know the answer.....but..plz dont assume that..ive let it go for a while...but now i feel....left out cuz im not of you....i live in my own world...i dont live with ppl at school...u guys may know the answer to who or what but put urself in someone elses shoes....dont make a big fuzz like....OMG U DONT KNOW? cuz really if im questioning.....then i reallly dont just asking fo an answer...i dont live in britian I do t live i canada...i live in USA, i dont read magizeens saying whats what. I dont dk things that everyone does...cuz i. Not my im proud of it.
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