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come to princess's art room! were we'll be discussing art projects and so much more!

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come to princess's art room! were we'll be discussing art projects and so much more!

Post by Tim Hortons ✮ on Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:06 pm

do you want your room to turn pretty to absolutely beautiful!? well your at the right place! in princess's art room here we will be discussing many things that make your life go to drab to fab! todays project is called flowery lights! This project is absolutely PERFECT for anyone who wants to spice up their room a bit and add a little lights without spending over atleast 15 to 20 dollars depending on the project. but i'll make sure that most of the projects will be affordable under $10 so everyone can join in on the fun!

-some projects may need adults supervision or an adults help.
-please be careful! i try to make these crafts as safe as possible
-don't blame me or sue me for someones hurt,incident, or even worst- DEATH
-Many of these projects are VERY cheap and if you can't afford atleast $10-$15 then you may need to either A. beg your parents B. get a job or C. your a hobo who somehow can afford a computer.

do you want your lanterns/lights/lamps/etc to look up-to-date? (spring/summer look) well guess what! your in luck. this project is VERY VERY cheap and there are 2 ways.

the almost $20/$10 but more pretty way


the old $15/$7 cheap way


if you already have a glue gun then this project should cost about $6.00.

items you will need
-thin coloured paper (the thin papers at the dollar store that people put in gift bags and they rip the paper out to get to their beloved present which they will soon to be founded out that it's really dinosaur socks yeah that)
-lantern kit (also found in dollar store for about 2 or 1 dollars) OR you can use a Styrofoam ball if you don't wanna hang them
-hot glue gun (make sure you don't burn youself and you KNOW HOW TO USE IT PROPERLY otherwise get a grown-up to help you)
-glitter! :3 (any colour really it's up to you)
-dollar store fake flowers (only needed for the more expensive version)
-scissors (seriously don't play or run with them unless you wanna poke your eyeball out)


first set up the lantern/foam ball. get out the thin coloured paper and cut it into long strips (don't need to be perfect) then loosely roll it up until it looks sort of like a flower/rose or whatever xD and pinch the bottom. get your hot glue gun and carefully glue the bottom of the flower to your lantern/Styrofoam ball. keep repeating until ball is full. you can do whatever you want with it now! you can use it as a decoration to put on your vanity or you can even hang it as a room light if you want! it's up to you! when your done take a picture (if you want to) and share it on here so we can see what you did with it and how it turned out!

extra step (do if you want to): when your done before using it as a decoration, sprinkle some glitter on it! that will give it a shimmer Wink

EXPENSIVE/PRETTIER WAY (sadly only for styrofoam ball

set the styrofoam ball get your fake flowers that you bought from the dollar store out. pop the heads of. just like pluck the head of it'll come off. then stick the flower heads into the styrofoam ball until all filled up.

tip: sometimes you don't need to fill it up. you could always fill it up half or quarter way and paint the rest of the styrofoam ball brown or any colour you want to resemble to a flower pot

(you may need about 10 flower sets depending on how much come in a set) each set should coust about a buck or so, so don't fret it's all good!

if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!

see you next time on..

PRINCESS'S ART ROOM! (sings in a tune)

Tim Hortons ✮
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